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Price: 6,000.00


Description :


Built For Competitive Gaming

To ensure the Rival 100 met the rigorous standards of eSports players, we asked the pros themselves. SteelSeries worked hand-in-hand with our sponsored teams, gathering feedback and data that helped us refine the Rival 100 for eSports.


Universal Design

The ergonomic right-handed shape and 6-button layout were designed to work comfortably with any and all grip styles. The durable textured side grips on both sides of the mouse provide maximum comfort


3059-SS Custom Sensor

At the heart of the Rival 100 lies the custom-engineered 3059-SS optical gaming sensor with 8 CPI steps up to 4000, 143 IPS, and 20g acceleration. The enhancements made to create this new sensor provide gamers with the most accurate, 1:1 optical tracking experience for any mouse under $50.


About the Rival 100

The Rival 100 optical gaming mouse brings unmatched performance to PC and Mac gaming, armed with illumination, a best in class sensor, and six programmable buttons at the best price. 

With SteelSeries Engine, gamers can take full control over the Rival 100's performance. Customize and remap all 6 buttons, adjust the optical sensor's CPI, and customize the RGB illumination.





  • Universal, competitive design

  • 30 Million click switches

  • RGB Illumination

  • 3059-SS optical sensor

  • SteelSeries Engine 3 Compatible





Material - Material: Soft Touch black, Glossy Colors


Shape - Ergonomic, Right-Handed


Grip Style - Claw, Palm, or Finger-tip


Number of Buttons - 6


SteelSeries Switches - Rated for 30 Million Clicks


Weight - 92g, 0.202lbs


Height - 120.6mm, 4.75in


Width - 67.13mm, 2.64in


Cable Length - 1.8 m, 6 ft




Sensor Name - SDNS-3059-SS


Sensor Type - Optical


CPI - Increments from 1 to 4000


IPS - 140


Acceleration - 20gs


Polling Rate - 1 ms


Hardware Acceleration - None (Zero Hardware Acceleration)


Tracking Accuracy - 1:1


Color Options - Full RGB (16.8 Million)



Customization Options

Gamesense Support - Yes (Supported)


SteelSeries Engine Support - SSE3


Onboard Profile Settings - Yes


Programmable Buttons - Yes


Acceleration Customization - Yes


Deceleration Customization - Yes


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#101, LGF Unity Plaza, Galle Road,Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.

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