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Description :

OUREA_E1_Optical_top.png (1920×610)


Ergonomic Design

Specially designed to support different grip styles and fit in your hand naturally.
1_OUREA_E1_Optical.png (960×516)

Multi-Color DPI Lighting Effects

The OUREA E1 Optical features 4 color LED backlights.
2_OUREA_E1_Optical.png (960×516)

Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor

The OUREA E1 features a 4000 DPI optical gaming sensor with upgraded tracking and pixel perfect accuracy.
3_OUREA_E1_Optical.png (960×516)

Double-Layer Fabrics

Double-layer fabrics provide uniformly vertical and horizontal movement resistance for extreme gameplay!
4_OUREA_E1_Optical.png (960×516)

Weight Tuning System

Need your mouse to be a heavier or lighter? By adding or removing weights, you can customize your mouse to feel just the way you want it..
5_OUREA_E1_Optical.png (960×516)

NYX E1 Gaming Mouse Mat

Built from a high-quality, long-lifespan polymer material, the NYX E1 is optimized for gaming sensors, giving you better glide without sacrificing control or accuracy.
6_OUREA_E1_Optical.png (960×516)

OUREA E1 Optical Overview

“It’s time to get started.”
Premium micro-processor, with 4000 DPI precision optical sensor. Essential for optimized gaming proficiency, professional ergonomic designs with LED back-lights, perfect for any gripping styles.


  • 4-color DPI lighting
  • 4000 DPI
  • Polling Rate (1000 Hz)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Weight Tuning System (x4)
  • 8 million click (Lifecycle)
  • Double-layer fabrics


Specifications - OUREA E1

Tracking Method - Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
Dimension(LxWxH) - 129 x 66 x 40 mm
Weight - 115g~135g
Keys - 6 Keys
Resolution - up to 4000 DPI
Polling Rate - 1000 Hz
Built-in Memory - N/A
Weight System - Yes (4.5g x5)
Switch Lifecycle - 8 Million
USB Cable Length - 1.5m
Graphical UI - NA

Specifications - NYX E1

Dimension(LxWxH) - 240 x 180 x 3 mm


“It’s time to get started.”

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